Hello and Welcome to The Lost World Minute


Hello and Welcome. We are currently working hard on Isla Sorna with construction of The Lost World Minute, the Minute by Minute review of the 1997 Jurassic Park Sequal The Lost World.

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feedback/comments can be emailed into thelostworldminute@gmail.com

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Happy Holidays Tlw Fans



Brad and David hope you had a great Christmas break. We are hard at work recording new episodes so we have a seamless run to the final in 10-11 weeks time. Once again any feedback is most welcome and we’ll read it out on the show.

Half way!!

Fitting as we hit he halfway mark half the trailer is also hanging off a cliff. Here we see some movie magic showing us how they did the middle action sequence. We have a couple more minutes to go before the trailers and Eddie’s demise and our two groups come together so stay tuned and thanks for listening.


TLWM Listener week continues…..

last week we asked 5 questions Form the podcast fans to answer, now to finish up Listener week we are asking you for questions. Both David and brad have a good amount of knowledge from across the films, novels and back ground material if there’s a question you want answered wed give it out best to answer it. As with last week all that contribute will have thier name in the hat to win a set of jp topps trading cards.

Emails are also welcome or send us a voice message and we’ll play it on the show.


TLWM Listener Week is Here

It’s easy for us to sit here and talk on and on about the movie we love, but it’s about time we get other fans opinions also. While we unfortunately can’t have you on the show to voice your opinions on the film, we do want to hear your thoughts on the film and the franchise on the whole.
So for this full week we will be asking a series of questions to get your feedback on The Lost World. You can also ask your own questions of us and we will answer them the best we can.

Simply reply to any question we ask on social media next week (11th – 15th september) send in a voice mail to out email address or question or leave a review on iTunes.
Why do this? Well for each fan that adds to the show, your name will go into the hat to win a complete set of Jurassic park Topps trading cards. (No1-110) This is open to anyone in the world as long as I can write your postal address in English.
We see a lot of fans following us on social media and would love to get more of you listening to the show and telling us why you love the Jurassic films so much.
At the end of the week after the feedbacks been worked through we will record a special Listener show going over your questions and answers so let’s make it a good one.

Good luck