Minute 2 Picnic Lunch is now online

We end the week with the second minute of The Lost World.

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All Our Contact Details

we are spread across the net but under the Lost World Minute name.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelostworldminute/?ref=br_rs

twitter: @thelostworldminute

email: thelostworldminute@gmail.com

instagram: thelostworldminute

podcast host: http://www.thelostworldminute.podbean.com

we also have a feedback section of the show so if you have and comments or want to share in the discussion for a particular minute look us up.

Hello and Welcome to The Lost World Minute


Hello and Welcome. We are currently working hard on Isla Sorna with construction of The Lost World Minute, the Minute by Minute review of the 1997 Jurassic Park Sequal The Lost World.

please check out our twitter feed @thelostworldminute and

feedback/comments can be emailed into thelostworldminute@gmail.com

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